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Bye Bye Virginity by Krissy Snifeld

This modern day read could leave you feeling confused, conflicted or rather bemusedly unimpressed but in my case slightly envious that I didn't write it myself.

Don't be fooled by the title, Bye Bye Virginity is not the teen answer to Fifty Shades Of Grey and thank God for that; I think the world of fiction has become inundated with authors trying to match the not so critical acclaim Fifty Shades received.

Yet again t'was the wonderful world of Wattpad that led me to this story so now I want to share my two cents of it with you.

The novel does appear to be a bit of a cliche in the sense that a "shy, quiet teenage girl" [talk about a YA archetypal character] who just happens to be loner falls in love with her brother's best friend who also just happens to be the "hottest" guy in school. [Obviously not predictable at all]

As light and fluffy as the novel appears it does cover very important issues that concern many teenagers and young adults which is sex and virginity; two things that many girls and boys view as a monumental moment in life. Something that Krissy Snifeld does well is she conveys the importance of what Stasee goes, Snifeld could have easily swept the Statsee's emotions and feelings away and focused on the romance. Instead Snifeld chose to emphasise the confusion Stasee felt.

The novel touches a lot of mature issues: love, sex, heartbreak, coming out, alcohol misuse and gun crime. Just a typica/ not-so-typical American Teenage life [that I can't be too sure of but I’m happy to assume].

Something that sets Bye Bye Virginity aside from any other YA novels, it is written in such a mature way, yet it still reader friendly. The way that Snifeld can write about very "straight" guys coming out in a conservative environment, was commendable.

The novel may have one main plot but it also branches off into many other sub plots which adds to the complexity of what could have been a very straight forward novel.

As much as I somewhat enjoyed the story, with an oh so promising summary I feel like the pace of the story was far too rushed, I would have preferred if the pace had slowed down to fully explore all possible avenues. Personally for me the plot transition is way to fast and character development could be better executed.

I wasn't too keen on the spelling of "Stasee" but that could just be down to personal preference. The spelling of “Stasee” really irked me, I could have dealt with a Staci but the double e was just so abstract for me to get my head around. Although this book is not a work of non fiction I feel it lacks realism with the way Stasee's change the time frame was just oh so random. Just no.

Although I had a maybe more than a few nuances with the way Bye Bye Virginity was written who am I criticise a book that is loved by so many.

So ...

I say you read it and make your own judgement.


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