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"We were just two people who were meant to be together and that was all there was to it."

Jet by Jay Crownover

This  book contains boys in bands with some intriguing piercings, tattoo enthusiasts sporting some serious ink and a girl who will frustrate you; talk about young adult angst.

I have to say I seem to be developing an idiosyncratic fondness for Jay Crownover's Marked Men Series and I've only read two of the six books so far. Crownover is amazing simply for the fact we share similar interests: tattoos, boys and bands and of course books; considering I've never found an author who's relatively similar to me (interests wise) I'm very optimistic for the rest of the series to see where it goes.

Did I like this book?

Yes and No. 

Jet Keller made it very easy to enjoy this book; "Jet is sexy, like it-hurts-to-look-at-him sexy", I had particularly envisioned him to be an Oli Sykes/ Andy Biersack type, both of whom I find very attractive, so my imagination didn't have a hard time getting into this plot. Jet's in a band, albeit a metal band, dude has serious talent, despite being the abashed owner of a carry on bag of luggage, which is mild in comparison to Ayden's truck load, she offers to the relationship.

"Jet Keller was all kinds of temptation wrapped up in too-tight pants and with too many personal demons hidden in those dark, golden rimmed eyes. He was every girl’s rock-and-roll fantasy, with an edge that made him just sharp enough to be hard to handle."

Jet has what I like to call small pond, big syndrome, which he is perfectly happy with "being a big fish in a small pond here, rather than a peck in the ocean", probably because he feels responsible for his "shadow of a woman" mother but once Jet realised that "We can't pick our families or where we come from ... all we can choose is who we want to become in spite of them" he was happy as Larry, so to speak.

Ayden Cross: The Bane of this Plot "

"Ayden Cross was a puzzle that, every time I thought I was close to solving, proved to have five extra pieces and no corners. For a long time, I thought she was a southern belle, complete with mile-long legs in cowboy boots, but then she would turn and do something that knocked me on my ass. I had a feeling I didn't’ know the real Ayden at all."

Ayden took being a strong and independent woman to an excessive level. It's terrible that she's had such a jaded past and pretty much had to raise herself and clean up after her brother but the misconception she had in the beginning of the book that she had to completely transform herself inside and out was - at the risk of sounding blunt- emphatically wrong in my opinion, such a stupid girl thing.
"I knew I wanted no less than a six-figure income, continuous growth potential, and a generous retirement plan."
The annoying thing was Ayden reminded me a little of myself -not that I'm running away from an uninspiring  life- the fact that she wasn't immune to a pretty face and a nice body, to he honest who is and is extremely motivated. One thing Ayden can be commended on is her drive, she's focused on achieving her goals and really won't allow anything to ruin her idea of the perfect life she never had, even if it means ignoring her heart.

My liking for Ayden was limited at the best of times, her inner dialogue felt like stepping on a plug, I really did want to like her: troubled girl gone good and all that but she drove me insane. She has to be one of the worst decision makers in the book, and it's infuriating to read. Ayden's problem is she's fighting herself within herself, her internal war is as a result of her insecurities she's tried to leave behind in a world she doesn't even acknowledge. One redeeming quality Ayden has is that she finally realised she doesn't need to have her life planned out and go down a straight path, she can pick up a music head and cruise through the jagged road in his challenger.

"One morning you just wake up and realize that the way things have always been doesn’t mean that’s the way they have to always be. 

Ayden and Jet: the slow agonising build up of chemistry and lust was beautifully painful; it was bound to happen, merely a matter of when Ayden was going to let her guard down. 

"Right now I feel pretty broken and I'm not really sure there are enough pieces lying around to put me back together"

"We were just two people hurting for different reasons, trying to pretensed like it didn't rip us apart to breathe the same air"

"We were two sides of the same coin"

“I think we’re both actually pretty screwed up, but together we just work and we make each other better.” 

“Sometimes things change, because there just isn’t any way for them to stay the same.” 


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