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Enjoying the Chase

***Warning the following post contains the views held by a hopelessly hopeful romantic, if you are so cynical that you do not wish to entertain the idea of a happily ever after for a couple of moments, I suggest you read no further***

It goes without saying I think Kirsty Moseley is the bomb diggity when it comes to writing books that leave you feeling all warm, fuzzy and generally happy, and why shouldn't you, you don't have to read the serious doom and gloom books and it's safe to say I am most definitely recommending Enjoying the Chase as the book to offer you much needed light relief.

After reading Nothing Left to Lose you will love Moseley and all the characters you grow to care about and Enjoying the Chase is no exception. Undoubtedly it is a book in its own right but reading Nothing Left to Lose helps you establish a relationship with Nate, Ashton and Anna. Moseley is one of the few writers that I'm willing to stay up until sunrise just to finish the book, in spite of my impending doom due to the oh so joyous A-level exams; it's amazing how I can spend hours reading yet fall asleep 30 minutes into revision. The power of great fiction is a force to be reckoned with.

Did I enjoy the chase?

Absolutely! Sure it's been done the archetypal "player" meets a "good girl" she plays hard to get and the chase ensues, but Rosie's intial determination to not sleep with Nate until she was in love is admirable. Women give in way to early I'm not necessarily saying "treat them mean, keep them keen" but had Rosie given in too early Nate would have never appreciated and she would have just been another notch on his belt.

Nate Peters
One thing I love about the way Moseley presented Nate was yes he was a player, but that wasn't the be all and end all of his character. Nate had sweet homely side where he was the protective, doting yet annoying brother, a loving son who just happened to walk in on his parents in the heat of the moment; he's a badass SWAT officer with a heart, I truly believe the most honest moments seen from Nate were when  he felt guilt for ending the lives of people who would have probably gone on to kill others, it brought an element of realness to his demeanour. With all that being said you can't ignore that he is a man whore player with a record to prove it. He used cheesy chat up lines [“I didn’t catch your name, wait let me guess it……. I bet it’s Candy; because damn you look good enough to eat.”] which were rather shambolic and his boyish charm that would make most girls go weak at the knees, most excluding Rosie York. The more Rosie rebuffed Nate the more his feelings for her and determination grew, he found his boyish lifestyle slipping away as he chased for something more satisfying. Nate saying he had changed was one thing but proven it to a woman who had been hurt by someone he used to be was going to add a whole lot more twists and turns to the chase.

"Moving from one girl to the next sometimes left me feeling empty. Sometimes I just longed for someone to hold, protect and call my own. Since I'd met Rosie I hadn't been able to get her out of my head, she'd taken over everything and I knew I needed to give it my best shot with her."
Rosie York
Rosie York: best friend to the President's daughter, godmother to the President's grandson, smart, beautiful, strong, single mother who won't let another man near her because of her "baby daddy" issues. After Rosie was abandoned by her, dare I say,childhood sweetheart, she vowed off all men like Nate, the kind that would leave her feeling exposed, vulnerable and break her irrevocably. Gradually the more time she and Nate spent, the more he broke down her walls and she was able to let him in. 

There was a great sense of familiarity in this book because after reading Nothing Left to Lose it was great to see the developments in Anna and Ashton's relationship too. It was very well executed the way both couple's stories were interwoven and were able to have such a predominant role in each other's books but not at all overshadowing. Moseley does this wonderful thing were she lulls you into a false sense of security when you think they're finally going to get together and the book will end and then BAM tragedy arises, but sometimes it takes the unexpected to make you realise what you really want from life, like Rose did with Nate so I'm glad it happened. As per usual Kirsty Moseley did not disappoint with yet another amazing love story, I fear I could be becoming slightly obsessed with her books.


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